The Bobcats had a win-loss record of 41-23 before their star player, Melissa, got injured. Melissa didn’t play in any more games, and the Bobcats finished the season with an overall win-loss record of 54-34. What is the absolute difference in the Bobcats’ win percentages with and without Melissa? Express your answer to the nearest whole number.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The win percentage decreased by 10%Step-by-step explanation:First you need to fin the total games played right before Melissa got Injured41+23=64Then you need to find the win percentage by making a fraction of wins over total gameswins/total games = 41/64 = 64%Then you need to find the number of games played after Melissa got injured54-41 = 13 wins34-23 = 11 losses13+11 = 24 total games played without MelissaYou find that win percentage similarly to the first timewins/total games = 13/24 = 54%Then you find the difference in the percentages and there you have it!!64% - 54% = 10%It decreased as well therefore the answer is...It decreased by 10%