What does this graph tell you about the growth of the corn stalk?

Accepted Solution


The graph tells us that the corn stalk grew 25 inches in 4 weeks. Now, with the given options, the only one that is correct is option three. I say this because option one is incorrect; the correct answer, remember, is in 4 weeks, the stalk grew 25 inches. Option two is incorrect because the quotient of 4/25 is 0.16 and 0.16(40) weeks is 0.64. 0.64 inches is very little growth for a window of 4 weeks. Now, we are left with option three and four. Option four could be correct because slope = y/x (rise/run), so (4,25) -- 25/4= 6.25; 6.25 x 4 = 25. Lastly, option 5 is now known to be incorrect and I also say this because the stalk should grow at a constant rate according to the information given.

In short, option three is the correct answer. 

Faith xoxo